Middle_man is a free plugin for AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). By using proxy technology to tunnel the AIM connection through itself, middle_man is able to remove some of the restrictions created by AOL. These restrictions range from features that AOL has not yet incorporated into its Instant Messenger, to features that have been simply underdeveloped. Middle_man provides the ultimate instant messaging experience for both the average users and the power users by allowing them to customize their instant messenger as they see fit.

With middle_man, Instant Messenger users will be able to:
  • group their instant message windows into one tabbed window
  • log their instant messages (normal, secure, directly connected)
  • log their chat messages
  • log their buddy's last profile
  • log their buddy's status events (sign on/off, away back)
  • log files from direct connections
  • sign on multiple screen names at once
  • remove advertisements on their buddy list
  • rename buddies on their buddy list
  • set their idle status to anything, anytime
To see a complete list of features and descriptions, click here to go to the features page.