Middle_man's unique architecture sets it apart from the competition. The possibilities are endless, and with each release of middle_man, our feature list continues to grow. Below, you'll see a list of the features currently included in middle_man:
  • Buddy List Customization - Commonly known as "Ad Removal", this feature is a set of options allowing you to customize your buddy list. The most popular of these options is the ability to remove the advertisements from your buddy list.
  • Logging - Logging is the ability to automatically store any of your instant message or chat room conversations on your computer. Then, at any time you can look at the conversation and see what was said. For those of you who do not like the idea of your conversations being recorded, this feature is optional. Middle_man will also store your buddy's profiles, your buddy's status (sign on/off, away/back), and the files they send you.
  • Cloning - Just like in science, cloning is the ability to make a clone of your AOL Instant Messenger. With the clone, you'll be able to sign on with a different screen name. You can clone AIM as many times as you like.
  • Aliasing - With aliasing, you can rename your buddy to anything you want (i.e, name "JohnX23Jaynes" to ."John".
  • Message Grouping - Grouping will allow you to combine all of your instant message windows into one easily managable, tabbed window.
  • More status control - With more control of your online status, you'll be able to instantly set your idle status to anything you desire.
If you're looking for the features from the previous version, please click here for the beta 2 feature list.