For those of you who have been around since the previous installment of middle_man, beta 2, you'll notice a lot of missing features. Here is a list of the features that were removed from beta 3, but will eventually make it back in:
  • More Buddy List Customization - Middle_man was able to remove nearly everything from the buddy list, including: top row of buttons, bottom row of buttons, and the header.
  • Window Transparency - Middle_man was able make the buddy list and IM windows different degrees of transparency.
  • Scripting - Middle_man was able to insert special things into your profiles using scripting, such as the current song you were listening to in winamp.
  • Local / Remote Commands - Middle_man was able to control AIM via commands sent through IMs.
  • Away Message Groups - Middle_man was able to display away messages in rotating groups.
Again, these features will eventually make it back into middle_man... new and improved.